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About Daly + Doyle

Interior design done differently

Respectfully, the interior design world has needed a renovation for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s become much too—dare we say it—trendy and profit-driven. So instead of waiting for someone else to make authenticity and personalized design cool again, we did it ourselves.

Founded on the belief that spaces should reflect the stories and journeys of the people who inhabit them, Daly + Doyle is committed to truly getting to know each individual we design for—while breaking silly rules, pushing boundaries, and creating spaces that exude joy. 

Because nothing knocks our socks off quite like enhancing lives through thoughtful design.


Where We Got Our Name

A love letter to badass women 

Influence is everything. It shapes how we see ourselves, others, and the world. It informs how we show up, what we pursue, and the impact we leave behind. 

Daly + Doyle pays homage to two women who greatly influenced our founder—Jessica’s grandmother and mother. It combines their maiden names and is a way to thank them for inspiring her to take risks, think big, and stay true.


Design should be accessible to all 


A well-designed space makes for a well-lived life


Your space should be a manifestation of your story 


Community-sourced art & furniture will always win


Equality, love, and acceptance are non-negotiables


i'm jessica

The founder and lead designer at Daly + Doyle. You’re probably here to ensure I know what I’m doing, so let me set your mind at ease with a quick and boring career summary. I’ve spent more than 15 years in the interior design industry, holding leadership roles at multiple firms specializing in interior architecture and design both in commercial and residential spaces. And while I’m incredibly grateful for these experiences, they ultimately pushed me to create something new and bring D+D to life. 

Daly + Doyle was created as a way to build stronger personal connections with clients while leaving a larger impact on their lives. To me, design is more than color choices and layouts. It’s an avenue to help make someone’s life easier, better, and more beautiful. 

Oh, and if you’re here for the spicy stuff, this next bit is for you.

When starting my own firm, there were a few “fuck nos” I promised to leave behind. I vowed to never put profits before people, to forget any “design shoulds,” and to always champion the underdog. PS: While I support all of your design desires, I will not be held accountable for installing barn doors in your home—that’s simply not where they go. 


My mam! She should’ve been an artist & she always found a way to make our house feel like home

My inspiration is

Farmhouse everything (barn doors are not meant to be indoors & I will die on this hill)

Trend I’m not loving right now

Watching Liverpool football with my dad, brother, and nephew, then following it up with a trip to the farmers market with Mom 

My best Saturdays are spent

 baker (until I baked someone something for money & realized the added pressure took away all of the joy)

Growing up, I wanted to be

I was born in Dublin, Ireland (and that’s also where I left my accent)

Fun fact I share anytime there’s an icebreaker

Find the best local doughnut (personal favorite is a cake doughnut with white icing and rainbow sprinkles)

Favorite thing to do in a new city

Since You’re Inviting Me Into Your Home

We should probably expedite this relationship